About Me

If you’ve clicked on this link it means you want to know a little bit more about who I am. The best way to do that would be in person, so feel free to shout me a beer and we’ll catch up.

Until then though, here’s a snippet of info about me and what I do.

I have always been a person who likes to start something new. Having worked as the Clubs and Societies Officer at QUT I have also worked with a number of young people who have developed their own initiatives.

Some of the things I have been involved in include:

Starting Brisnet – a support network for students who move from rural and regional areas to study at university

Organising the Reach out Road Trip, where myself and 5 mates travelled from Brisbane to Adelaide to talk to young people about mental health and promoting reachout.com.au

Planning “The Initiate Summit” – a summit for other people who have ideas and need assistance in getting them off the ground.

My passion is for people who get excited about using their potential to change the world. It is my belief there is not enough investment in those people and it seems to be a survival of the fittest for which initiatives last the distance.

I hope to make a start on providing more support for change agents throughout the world with the resources and commentary of this blogspace.

Feel free to contact me at sarahmoran1@gmail.com to discuss anything you read about here.

P.S. I also have a ridiculous thing for shoes. So while this is mostly a space for social entrepreneurship, the odd shoe related piece of information may lurk among these posts!


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