Starting with Shoes…

It has come to my attention I need a blog and after deliberating for a good couple of years (Blogger or WordPress? What name? What header? Will this end up like the diaries you start in January, stop using in February and pick up again mid-October?) here it is.

Today I had a meeting with Hannah Suarez and we chatted for about an hour and a half at Southbank. I think it’s pretty damn cool that I can just Facebook message someone and ask them to meet up just because I think we should meet and they’re happy to oblige. It feels almost like a blind date, more like blind networking I guess. I’ve been bumping into a number of people over the past few weeks whose presence I’ve known online or by reputation of the things they’ve created or events they’ve run.

I’m enjoying the ease with which the interweb is allowing us to facilitate networking and social opportunities between offline and online worlds – meet in person, catch up over emails, wall-to-wall Facebook posts read what they’re doing right now on Twitter so the next time you meet that person you know them better and feel your up-to-date with their happenings. The bonds are strengthened even though you don’t have as much contact time with these people.

I think that’s kind of cool.

So back to shoes – I’m starting a shoe podcast, I love shoes so it makes sense. Taking my inspiration from Top Gear, Wine Library and the footpaths of Brisbane, keep watching this space for the yet-to-be-named, soon-to-be-awesome, Sarah’s shoe podcast.


2 Responses to “Starting with Shoes…”

  1. Hannah Suarez Says:

    keep me updated with your shoes and podcasting idea.

    speaking of shoes, i would LOVE a pair of classic, black Christian Louboutins.

  2. Shannon Says:

    I’ve always found you to be an incredibly approachable and downright delightful person, so I’m hardly surprised strangers are completely willing to meet you at the drop of a hat!

    Your shoe podcast idea sounds brilliant!

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